[days of being wild REFERENCES]

The bird had nowhere to go —
it was dead from the start.

Our wild years are the prelude to Wong Kar Wai's twilight cinema, gazing with nebulous disillusionment at the wanderings...

Hong Kong, 1960. Among a pungent assortment of petty crooks, dim-eyed trollops, and love-lorn innocents, Yuddy is a young, attractive, intelligent, and cruel man.
He has affairs with women but dumps them when they get too close. He also has a love-hate relationship with his foster mother. Yuddy wanders through life, seemingly rootless and without purpose.
Hearing that his real mother is still alive, he goes to see her in Manila where she lives. But when she rejects him, it is hard to tell how much he is hurt. 1960s rock songs accompany Yuddy in his wandering.