the brand

WKW Club is a high-end unisex clothing brand based in France, distinguished by its passion for artistic expression and sustainability through collaborations with emerging artists. We are primarily a group of enthusiasts paying homage to Wong Kar-Wai's cinema, encouraging diversity of expression in the artists we work with.

Firstly, we want to clarify that we're not simply following a trend by sharing this information. We recognize the increasing consumer awareness, which is fantastic, but we want to emphasize that our intentions aren't driven by exploiting a popular movement or trying to enhance our product's value artificially.

Since our establishment in 2022, WKW Club has operated with a strong commitment to ethical practices, which has always been intrinsic to our ethos. While some brands prominently integrate ethical considerations into their identity.

However, ensuring that our business operates within a fair and ethical framework is paramount to us. Hence, we feel compelled to disclose details about the sourcing and manufacturing processes of our products. We are committed to promoting their art on organic, high-quality textiles in limited quantities.

our values


Art is at the heart of our identity. We believe in power of artistic expression to inspire and unify people.


Our project promotes the creation of sustainable clothing, made from environmentally friendly materials.


Inclusivity and freedom of style are deep WKW Club values. Our project highlights unisex fashion.

We are a group of fans paying tribute to Wong Kar-wai & Profits are distributed to the artists working on the designs //
We are volunteers — Thank you for your support.