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Ho Po-wing and Lai Yiu-fai are originally from Hong Kong. One day, they decide to embark on a bit of an adventure, very far away, over there, in South America. Almost at the other end of the world. They love each other sometimes, argue often, and inevitably part ways. Only to find each other again, and start over from scratch, as they are so eager to remind themselves.

"What's fascinating about Happy Together, the film portraying a homosexual couple (portrayed by Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung) traveling through Argentina, is how it intertwines romance with destruction.

The film begins with the two young men attempting to escape their former lives in Hong Kong while simultaneously trying to salvage their faltering relationship. Lai (Tony Leung) struggles to make ends meet as a club bouncer, while Ho (Leslie Cheung) spirals into a destructive pattern of alcohol and random sexual encounters, which he flaunts before Lai, either to seek attention or to provoke him: a love-hate dance that rings with emotional alarms. It's a raw and unvarnished glimpse into a deeply dysfunctional relationship between two individuals with vastly different ideas about pursuing their purpose.

Amidst these tumults, Happy Together emerges as a profound exploration of love's evanescence: love can arrive as swiftly as it can dissipate.

The urban wilderness it portrays continues to captivate and excite us endlessly.

Ironically titled Happy Together, Wong Kar Wai's film tells the story of a couple who can no longer get along and are forced to separate. A splendid film about the end of a relationship.