Summary of As Tear Go By

Summary of As Tear Go By

by WKW Shop Admin

"As Tears Go By" is Wong Kar Wai's directorial debut, a crime drama released in 1988. The film follows the story of Wah (Andy Lau), a low-level gangster in Hong Kong's criminal underworld, and his relationship with his troubled cousin, Fly (Jacky Cheung).

The film's strength lies in its exploration of themes such as loyalty, violence, and love, all handled with nuance and sensitivity. The cinematography by Christopher Doyle is sharp and dynamic, with a haunting soundtrack that perfectly captures the film's mood.

"As Tears Go By" was influential in the Hong Kong film industry, setting a new standard for crime dramas in the region. It was also influential in world cinema, particularly in its impact on contemporary crime dramas.

Fans of "As Tears Go By" should check out Wong Kar Wai's later works, such as "Fallen Angels" and "Happy Together," which explore similar themes and are also highly regarded in the world of cinema. Other crime dramas worth watching include "City on Fire" by Ringo Lam and "A Better Tomorrow" by John Woo.